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Privacy and Cookies

Personal Information

  • When your account is activated, we will ask you to provide personal information relevant to this service.
  • Information is used for identification and contact purposes only.
  • We monitor your use of this service to build a picture of who you are. This allows us to display relevant data and impove your experiance.

Privacy and Security

  • All reasonable measures are made to provide a level of privacy and data security.
  • No data is sold or used by any third party without explicit consent from the customer.
  • No financial details are stored on the servers and passwords are encrypted.
  • We continue to improve this service and are always interested in hearing your concerns.


What are Cookies?

A cookie acts very much like a VIP visitors pass at a music concert. When you recive your pass it is likely to be color coded and therfore the staff will know who you are and what areas of the concern you are able to visit.

Like the events organiser who give you a paper pass, we give you a small text file that is saved on your computer or web enable device. This small file is what we call a cookie. Only the website that gave you the cookie can read and understand the cookies contents. Just like your visitors pass the cookie could be valid for a limited time only.

What we use cookies for.

We use cookies to provide a secure and reliable method of identification. The primary use of this information is to keep you logged in to the system and provide you with the data you have permission to see.

The same cookies used to keep you logged in are also used by LICWED to monitor your statistics, helping us improve your experiance.

No third party cookies are stored from this site. If you notice any cookies that are not listed below being stored from this site, please contact us immediately.

Cookie Audit. June 2014

Name Description Duration
LICWED_session A unique session ID is stored on this cookie so we can identify you and keep you logged in. One hour from last page load.
LICWED-56446 No longer required. Replaced with LICWED_session
User and account numbers are stored on this cookie so we can identify you and keep you logged in.
Seven hours from login.

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