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Getting started

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LICWED is accessible from any web enabled device with most modern browser. Simply enter into your browsers navigation bar or scan a LICWED NFC or QR asset tag with your smart phone.

You should have received an email with your username and password when the account was activated.

Enter your username and password before clicking on 'Log in' to access your home page. Once logged in you will see a toolbar at the top of the site. This toolbar will be with you every step of the way.

Change Password (optional)

It is advisable to change your password to something memorable. Click on the settings icon to the right of the toolbar. Now select 'Change Password' to the right of your username and follow the on screen instructions.

You can also change other settings such as contact information and notification methods in the setting page.

LogPoint Manager

To open the LogPoint Manager application, hover over (or click on) 'apps' to the left of the toolbar and select 'LogPoint Manager' from the dropdown menu. Other applications can also be accessed using the same method.

LogPoint Manager provides a platform to view asset information and logged data depending on licences. All LogPoints associated with your account are listed on the first page. Use the search and navigation options to find the LogPoint you wish to view. To view logged data click on the graph icon in the first column of the row. Asset information can be viewed by clicking on the folder icon in the second column.

When a LogPoint has been selected, all available tabs are on the left of the screen such as graphing, export, location, documents and events.

Feel free to explore the LogPoint Manager application. Information can only be changed in the settings page if you are an account administrator, so don't worry, you are unlikely to break the system.


The messaging service can be found by clicking on the envelope icon on the toolbar. If the icon is green you have mail.

The first page you see is your inbox. A list of messages sent to you are listed with the newest message at the top. Click on the expand icon to view the message contents. You will also see the reply and delete buttons for the message

Click on compose to write a message to another LICWED user. In the 'To' field enter the username of the recipient you wish to message followed by a subject and message in respective fields.

If you have any questions or suggestions you may have regarding LICWED, please message support using the username 'Support' in the 'To' field.


Don't forget to logout once you have finished. Logout by clicking the door on the toolbar.
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